CPR provides a variety of research, evaluation, and technical assistance services.

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Design Pilot Projects & Obtain Demonstration Grant Funding

Demonstration and evaluation projects are great ways to develop and test new service approaches.

CPR works with public and private agencies at local and state levels to develop interventions that are responsive to new funding opportunities, write successful grant proposals, and design and conduct independent, third-party evaluations of resulting demonstration projects. We identify and implement best practices, test the intervention, and work with stakeholders to establish sustainability. Once the projects are completed, CPR works with agencies to publicize the results and encourage replication in other settings. CPR helps agencies be at the forefront of new service development and the use of cutting-edge, best practices.

Strategic Planning & Technical Assistance

Organizations need to look long-term to identify future objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. We can help you shape the direction of your program and provide strategic planning services, facilitation, and relevant technical assistance. CPR provides technical assistance on a wide range of topics and in a variety of formats. This includes convening stakeholders to share information and build collaborations, identifying best practices, developing toolkits, how-to manuals and implementation guides, preparing tailored written reports or briefs, and testifying in court and legislative hearings.

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Program Evaluation

A key question in evaluation is “Is my program effective?” CPR can help answer that question. We conduct single and multi-site assessments and evaluations of new and innovative programs, as well as long-standing programs. We can help identify relevant best practices, provide information on program impacts and outcomes, and generate recommendations for effective change. Our goal is to conduct the most rigorous assessment that is feasible. CPR can serve as your independent third party-evaluator and provide performance measurement and evaluation of your program. CPR can design, implement, and conduct low cost random control trials to effectively test interventions with limited resources.

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Best Practices & Policy Analysis

We understand the importance of policy and the factors that contribute to its implementation. When working within a particular policy arena, we review relevant literature, identify best practices, and conduct evidence-based policy assessments and analyses. This leads to policies that are grounded in real-world information, achieve their intended goals, and attract support from a broad audience.

Performance Measurement & Continuous Quality Improvement

We know it’s important to work efficiently and effectively. We work with agencies to design performance plans, improve the agency’s performance measurement process, collect performance data, and assess agency performance. We also work with agencies to build their capacity to assess their ongoing progress and service provision through a process of continuous quality improvement.

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