Opportunity Description  

The Center for Policy Research (CPR) is seeking a full-time Research Associate. This position will lead and support other CPR staff on multiple research and evaluation projects. CPR’s research and technical assistance projects include domestic violence, economic mobility, youth development, evidence-building for child welfare interventions, responsible fatherhood, employment programs for high barrier populations, child support guidelines and demonstration projects.  The Research Associate would work collaboratively with other CPR researchers as well as staff in research and advocacy agencies with whom CPR partners.  

Required Duties   

  • Participate in business development through identification of potential projects, collaboration with partners, project design and proposal writing.  
  • Develop and implement research and evaluation plans, including instrument design, database development and data collection strategies, conduct literature reviews, interviews, focus groups, and observations, and determine and produce deliverables. 
  • Provide general project management, including managing and producing deliverables, budget, and client relations for single site and multi-site projects. 
  • Project management of large scale, multi-site demonstration or  
  • Conduct evaluation and other research, using qualitative and quantitative research methods to conduct analysis with internal and external data sources. 
  • Prepare comprehensive reports, presentations, briefs and other communication of project recommendations and results. 
  • Develop content knowledge and provide subject matter and evaluation technical assistance to project sponsors, demonstration sites, project partners and staff. 
  • Collaborate with external partners and sponsors on project development and implementation. 
  • Supervise and delegate activities to CPR Research Assistants. 
  • Liaise with project clients to plan projects, support project implementation, monitor progress, address project improvements and apply learnings.   
  • Collaborate with CPR staff to enhance individual and organizational skills at incorporating equity into research and evaluation projects. 

Minimum Qualifications for Research Associate 

  • Master’s degree in psychology, sociology, community psychology, social work, statistics, public policy, or a related field.
  • 10 years of experience working in a research and/or policy environment that included quantitative and qualitative research and required a high level of organization skills, independence, attention to detail and multi-agency collaboration. 
  • Research and technical assistance experience with economic mobility and public benefit programs, domestic and sexual violence, child welfare, youth development or other issues. 
  • Demonstrated track record of applying for and obtaining research and/or policy contracts and/or grants. 

Required Skills  

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office within a SharePoint platform 
  • Experience with data instrument design, collection and analysis using SPSS 
  • Experience with project evaluation and quantitative and qualitative research 
  • Experience with policy assessment, analysis and/or change 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills  
  • Flexible, with a strong ability to work both independently and as part of a team, taking a collaborative and supportive or leadership role as the situation requires 

Annual Salary and Benefits 

The expected annual salary range is $80,000 to $90,000 plus health insurance and contribution to the organizational retirement plan. 

Work Environment 

CPR employees enjoy a hybrid work environment of both on-site and remote work at our Denver office.  While a minimum of three days a week on-site is expected,  other arrangements might be negotiated for the right person. 

About the Center for Policy Research  

CPR is a nonprofit research and evaluation center located in central Denver. Most of our clients or project partners are state and local human services agencies and nonprofits. We specialize in the evaluation of social and human service programs. CPR’s current research projects are focused on domestic violence services, services for youth who are homeless or in foster care, economic mobility, youth development, evidence building, child support policy, and fatherhood programs.   

How to Apply  

Please send: (1) a cover letter, (2) your CV/resume, (3) a writing sample, and (4) three professional references to by September 15, 2023. No phone calls please.  


CPR encourages applications from a diverse group of applicants. For over 40 years, Center for Policy Research (CPR) has worked to improve the lives of children and families who face social and economic barriers and systematic racism.  We do this by evaluating various human services programs, assessing whether, how and for whom they work, and recommending ways to improve how they operate and who they serve. CPR is committed to achieving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, in its workplace, its research activities, and in the larger society.  We seek to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, pursue research projects that promote social justice, and disseminate our work to human services practitioners and policymakers so that it is used to make positive social change.